Do You Know Your Value?

Being a Virtual Assistant isn’t new to me.  But, what is new to me is being a full time, 100% committed small business owner trying to grow and build my own virtual assistant business.

You see, I have been a VA on the side for almost three years now.  And when I started my business it was to supplement my unemployment benefits (while not exceeding the maximum earning threshold for the IRS).  When I was working my VA job as a side gig I charged far less than what I was worth.  I also bartered and traded services such as providing team financial management services for my daughter’s soccer coach in exchange for her to play on the club team for a full season!

But now…now that this is my sole source of income I have quickly and abruptly come to terms with the fact that I need to have a strong grip on what my value and worth really are!!

At first, when anyone would ask me (and by anyone I mean family, friends, potential clients, other business owners) what I charged or what my rates were I was almost afraid to say it. Part of it was fear that I might lose the potential client and part of it was because I was not confident that people would think that the services I am offering are worth the rate I am asking.

However, as I am building my client base and having more and more meetings with potential clients, sharing that I am building my own business and going through the pitch process I have discovered a few things:

  • Potential clients respect and appreciate when you are confident in what you are offering and know your value and worth!
  • Potential clients who undervalue you are NOT worth the time or the effort!
  • Your services are valuable and integral to a business owner’s success.  You need to be able to sell that as part of your pitch to potential clients.
  • You need to be prepared to express how an investment in your services will have an ROI (return on investment) for the client.

Now, all of this doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t offer specials or discounts.  Most certainly, it is a good way to get someone in the door, to let a new client ‘test the waters’ and see the add value of your services, but it should be on YOUR terms and for a short and set duration of time!

So…. do you know your VALUE and what your WORTH is?

Because you shouldn’t settle for anything less! 

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