Seasons of Business – Seasons of Life

There is a season for everything – that is what I have been raised with and what I believe to be true. It is true for our personal lives as well as our business lives.  Often times our season’s merry up with that of nature and we fall into the natural rhythm and cycles of spring, summer, winter, and fall.

But other times our seasons are out of sync…that happened to me this summer and why I have been MIA on my Essential Updates.  In May I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my mom.  I was undoubtedly in shock and struggled with a huge sense of loss.  Then, in June, just two weeks later I subsequently and unexpectedly lost my mother in law.  My season of summer quickly became a proverbial winter— emotionally, mentally and also for my business.

By owning and running my own business I was fortunate enough to have clients that were beyond the understanding of the circumstances surrounding two major losses within such a short amount of time.  My clients sent cards and flowers, they gave me extended time away and they truly and genuinely sought to console and support me during such a stressful time.

During this winter period for my business, I really didn’t actively pursue new clients, I didn’t engage in business events and I barely could find the time or the energy work my business. I just focused on some level of maintenance work and on ‘getting by’.  But you know what, that is okay…because its what I needed to do! I needed to hit the pause button…to hibernate a bit and to recharge myself emotionally and physically to properly and truly engage with my clients.

So now, as I am looking at the end of the summer season I also see the end of my emotional winter and my business winter.  I have had time to heal… I have had time to reflect…I have had time to reset and reboot and am ready for fall… For the crisp cool evenings and the warm Indian summer days, for the sounds of school buses and children and football… And for the changing of the leaves to golden yellows and burnt orange!

Now it’s time to embrace fall – embrace the coming changes, because as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only constant is change”! I am refreshed!  I am rebooted!  And I am ready to take my business to the next level and the next season!!

Are you ready to go to the next season with me?  I would love for you to join me!

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